Pattern Progress: One-Skein Dragon

The One-Skein Dragon is officially out for testing! Well, it went out a few days ago, but yes. Exciting times! I had a hard time narrowing down to a reasonable number of testers because interest was so strong - I'm so flattered and excited that people have responded so eagerly to my posts about the pattern development.

I've been busy working on dragons for the pattern photos and to help show off some of the options available, and I'd still like to add some more ornamentation options.

The green dragon is made in Malabrigo Rios "Ivy" and "Lettuce" and has the head knob ornamentation.

The gold dragon (modeled on baby Andarna from the Empyrean series) is Prismatic Fiber & Artistry's worsted base in "Dragonfly in Amber" and "Gilded." She has head knobs, neck spikes (attached over the rump instead) and the feather tail option.

The black dragon (modeled on Tairn, also from the Empyrean series) is made in basic craft store acrylic - specifically the Michaels store brand, Loops and Threads. The wings are the same brand's Facets line, which is equivalent to Lion Brand Landscapes or Red Heart Unforgettable. He has the small, large, and medium horns (in that order, front to back) and the morningstar tail option, which uses screw-on studs often seen in leatherworking.

I'm so excited for this pattern to be released and I hope I get to see lots of your creations soon!

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