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Bextraordinary Creatures

Interplanar Love Song - tangled blue-green strands over black

Interplanar Love Song - tangled blue-green strands over black

****Please note processing and shipping times. Eyes are made to order and typically ship within 10 business days!****

I was so inspired by Critical Role's miniseries "Exandria Unlimited: Calamity" that I designed a special series of eyes based on characters and moments from the show.

These safety eyes are handmade to order. They come in various sizes and are all "3D sinker" style.

Please note the different eye size and pupil shape combinations when ordering. The additional photos show differences in pupil location (centered or offset). All eyes have cupped "sinker style" backs.

These safety eyes can't be easily inserted by hand alone, but are easy to insert using some simple tools. I recommend using a safety eye insertion tool or eye insertion jig (available on Etsy, Amazon, or other stores - message me if you need help finding one!). Take care not to scratch the eye as you insert and remember, once it is in, it's in for good.

I use this exact safety eye jig by RusticPixels (find them on Etsy!) - the video shows how to use it.

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